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The firm


2008 – 2012,  20 August

Taking over the Z.P. ”ĆMIELÓW” Limited Liability Company shares. We own now 86.09% of the
Z.P. ”ĆMIELÓW” shares.

2003. 21 March

Taking over 99.41% of the Porcelana ”CHODZIEŻ” S.A. share capital

2002, 17 September

The majority share holding (71% of the Company shares) is sold to the "WISTIL" S.A. Silk Industry Factory in Kalisz.


In the General Privatization Programme, the Company’s shares are located by the State Treasury in the investment funds (NFIs). The leading portfolio (33% of shares) was located in the VII NFI.

1992, 31 March

The Company is transformed into a joint-stock company with the State Treasury as a single shareholder.

1981, July

The factory is separated from the holding structure and operates as a state-owned enterprise.

1973, January

The factory is included in the ”CERPOL” United Tableware Enterprises industrial organization in Wałbrzych.

1969, 1 September

The factory starts its operation as a single-plant enterprise.